Helps status holders find their place in Dutch society

The Netherlands has a considerable number of status holders: people who want to build a new life in the Netherlands. With a residence permit and integration course, they are often not there yet. Traumas, cultural differences, few social contacts, no work, or meaningful daytime activities, and insufficient knowledge on how to find help and institutions stand in the way of real integration.

Individual guidance and coaching

Basis in the Netherlands offers individual guidance and coaching to status holders and helps them:

Find the right mental health care.

Find the right physical health care.

Find paid work or meaningful daytime activities.

Apply for allowances or benefits.

Expand or activate their social network.

The result

A solid basis on which the status holder can further shape his or her life.

The status holder learns to deal with the customs and possibilities in the Netherlands.

As a result, the status holder no longer feels like an outsider.

The status holder finds his or her place in our society.

'The status holders are not lacking in motivation. With appropriate help, real integration becomes possible.'