Our method

Each status holder receives guidance and coaching at an individual level and is entitled to five hours of guidance per week for a maximum period of six months. This takes place at the status holder's home, but can be supplemented by telephone contact and, if necessary, the supervisor will accompany you to authorities, for example.

From goals to concrete actions

We start with an intake interview, in which we look at the background, situation, needs, and skills of the status holder. Based on this, we formulate goals together. We then draw up a roadmap with concrete actions and activities.

The following aspects are discussed in the intake interview:


Psychological condition

Physical condition

Qualities and skills

Daytime activities

Suitable work

Financial situation

Social contacts



Goals and concrete actions that we establish can be in the areas of:

Finding the right psychological care.

Finding the right physical care.

Finding paid work or meaningful daytime activity.

Apply for allowances or benefits.

Expand or activate the social network.

Our coaches offer customized support and stand alongside the status holder. They fulfill the role of a buddy, confidant, and advisor. They offer a listening ear and encourage action. Where necessary, they refer the status holder to the right (care) professionals, they accompany them to authorities, they help the status holder with practical matters, such as organizing their administration or making applications, and they introduce the status holder to a sport or hobby club or a community center.

Competency-oriented guidance

The competencies of the status holder are always the starting point for our guidance and coaching. Based on a competency model, both our coach and the status holder gain insight into his/her talents and competencies. This enables us to formulate goals at the right level, suited to the skills of the status holder. We then work together on expanding or strengthening these competencies. Insight into the competencies increases the chance of success of the goals and the guidance.

The principles of competency-based coaching are:

Suiting to the status holder's strength.

Stimulate the status holder to activate this strength to realize his or her goals.

Giving the highest priority to functioning as independently as possible in daily life.

Creating new possibilities.

Build and activate a support network.

All this while taking into account and listening to the needs, wishes, boundaries, norms, and values ​​of the status holder.


After six months, an evaluation will take place together with the status holder, during which we map out the results achieved. The process is then concluded and there is room for guidance of a new status holder.

Measurable result

In order to keep track of progress, we work with SMART-goals. These are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.